Charles Emmitt Capps (January 4, 1934 – February 23, 2014) was an American Christian preacher and teacher in the Word of Faith movement.

Charles Capps
BornJanuary 4, 1934
DiedFebruary 23, 2014
Occupation(s)Farmer, minister
OrganizationCapps Ministries
SpousePeggy Capps
ParentE.S Capps Edit this at Wikidata

During his lifetime, Capps had influenced the Word of Faith movement through various publications, as well as, directly in his role as a preacher.[1]

Biography edit

Charles Capps was born on January 4, 1934, to Emmet and Minnie Capps in Burmmitt, Arkansas.[2] His family owned a farm, on which he lived as a child. Immediately after graduating from high-school, Capps followed this tradition and began farming in the Lonoke County area. By the age of seventeen, he could fly civilian aircraft and became a member of the "flying farmers".

In 1951, he was married to Peggy Capps, and by 1978, he had retired on being a farmer to pursue full-time ministry. [3][4]

During his middle age, Capps enjoyed rising popularity as a preacher and religious figure, and often spoke at seminars and conventions. He has also appeared on the Believers Voice of Victory television program, hosted by Kenneth Copeland Ministries of Fort Worth, Texas. Eventually, he launched his own radio and TV broadcast program. In total, Capps eventually authored 24 books, of which nearly 6 million copies were sold during his lifetime. Much of his writing was also translated and published in multiple languages.

Capps died at his home on February 23, 2014.[4]

Bibliography edit

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