Charles Butts (paleontologist)

Charles Butts (1863–1946) was an American paleontologist.


Butts was born in 1863. In 1899 he got his bachelor's degree, following by the master's in 1900 from Alfred University. In 1901 he joined the United States Geological Survey for a position as assistant geologist, and then was promoted to paleontologist in 1909, and in 1912 became a geologist. He worked with USGS till his retirement in 1933. Starting from 1933 he was hired by the Virginia Geological Survey, for mapping of the Paleozoic formations of the Appalachian valley. He died in 1946. While being employed, he conducted a lot of geological surveys in states like Alabama, Kentucky, and Virginia.[1]


  • 1922 — The Mississippian Series of Eastern Kentucky[2]


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