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Charles-Marie de Trolong du Rumain

Anonymous portrait on display at the Musée national de la Marine, Paris.

Chevalier Charles-Marie de Trolong du Rumain (30 September 1743 – 10 August 1780) was a French naval officer of the Ancien Régime.



He took part in the War of American Independence, notably commanding the 10-gun cutter Curieuse which, along with Iphigénie, captured HMS Lively on 10 July 1778.

The next year, he directed the Capture of Saint Vincent and became colonial governor of the island.

In 1780, he was in command of the frigate Nymphe. On 10 August 1780, Nymphe encountered HMS Flora off Ushant, and Trolong du Rumain was mortally wounded in the ensuing engagement.

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