Chara (Japanese: Charaの本棚) is a Japanese bi-monthly Yaoi/Shōjo manga magazine published by Tokuma Shoten. First released in 1994, the magazine has since been adapted into two different spinoffs.

CategoriesYaoi, Shōjo
PublisherTokuma Shoten
First issue1994
Based inTokyo

History edit

Chara was first published in 1994 as an offshoot of Animage. In the 22nd issue of Chara, it was announced that a split-off magazine entitled "Chara Selection" would co-circulate. Later on, another split-off entitled Char@ was made. The website for Chara was designed by C&S Design in 2014.[1]

Notable published works edit

Chara edit

Chara Selection edit

References edit

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