Chaogan (Chinese: 炒肝; pinyin: chǎogān; lit. 'liver fry') is a Chinese dish which is especially famous in Beijing.

Chaoganr at Miaojiapo Restaurant (20201105150908).jpg
Chaogan at a restaurant in Beijing
Place of originChina
Region or stateBeijing
Created byLiu Baozhong (刘宝忠), Liu Baokui (刘宝奎), Yang Manqing (杨曼青) et al.
Inventedcirca 1900
Main ingredientsPork liver, pork intestine, starch

Chaogan is prepared from pork liver, pork intestine and starch, seasoning with garlic, vinegar and soy sauce. Chaogan is traditionally served with mantou buns.

There is a belief that chaogan was invented in Huixianju restaurant (会仙居), Beijing during the Qing Dynasty.[1]

Although in the name there is the Chinese character "炒" (chao, lit.'to fry'), the dish is not cooked by frying, but boiling, and the name is believed to be derived from the Manchu word "colambi", which means "to cook".


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