Chancay is a small city located 78 km (48 mi) north of Lima. Its population is 63,378. The Chancay culture was a pre-Columbian archaeological culture, later part of the Inca Empire.

Flag of Chancay
Official seal of Chancay
Chancay is located in Peru
Coordinates: 11°33′55″S 77°16′17″W / 11.56528°S 77.27139°W / -11.56528; -77.27139
Country Peru
Founded16 December 1562
 • MayorDomitila Aurora Dulanto De Balta
 • Estimate 
Time zoneUTC-5 (PET)
Female figure, Chancay, Peru, 1000-1450 AD

History edit

It was founded in 1562 under the name of Villa de Arnedo.[2]

The main activity in Chancay these days is as a tourist resort for nearby Lima. The main attraction is El Castillo, a faux castle, recently repaired but constructed in the nineteenth century. There is a small museum in the castle displaying Chancay culture pottery and mummies.

In 2019, COSCO agreed to build a new port on the coast of Chancay as part of China's Belt and Road Initiative and in 2022, the China Harbour Engineering Company of China Communications Construction Company agreed to build the complex at 992 hectares (2,450 acres) which would include breakwaters, docks and a 1.8 kilometres (1.1 mi) tunnel to warehouses.[3][4] The first dock is expected to open in early 2023 and when finished, the complex will accept up to 1.5 million twenty-foot equivalent unit intermodal containers and 6 million tons of cargo annually.[3]

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11°33′55″S 77°16′17″W / 11.56528°S 77.27139°W / -11.56528; -77.27139