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Listed below are recipients of awards for various achievements on PGA Tour Champions, a circuit operated by the U.S.-based PGA Tour for men's golfers aged 50 and over. The tour began in 1980 as the Senior PGA Tour, changed its name to the Champions Tour in 2003, and became PGA Tour Champions in 2016.

Player-elected awardsEdit

Three PGA Tour Champions year-end awards are elected by the players and announced in December. The ceremony is held at a tournament early in the following season. The Jack Nicklaus Trophy is for the player of the year. The other two are the Rookie of the Year and Comeback Player of the Year awards. No season-long awards were given in 2020 as, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour switched to a wraparound season encompassing all of 2020 and 2021.[1]

Year Jack Nicklaus Trophy Rookie of the Year Comeback Player of the Year
Player Country Player Country Player Country
1990 Lee Trevino   United States Lee Trevino   United States began in 1991
1991 Mike Hill
George Archer
  United States
  United States
Jim Colbert   United States Larry Laoretti   United States
1992 Lee Trevino   United States Dave Stockton   United States Tommy Aaron   United States
1993 Dave Stockton   United States Bob Murphy   United States Jim Ferree   United States
1994 Lee Trevino   United States Jay Sigel   United States Dave Eichelberger   United States
1995 Jim Colbert   United States Hale Irwin   United States Walter Morgan   United States
1996 Jim Colbert   United States John Bland   South Africa Al Geiberger   United States
1997 Hale Irwin   United States Gil Morgan   United States George Archer   United States
1998 Hale Irwin   United States Joe Inman   United States Jim Colbert   United States
1999 Bruce Fleisher   United States Bruce Fleisher   United States Tom Jenkins   United States
2000 Larry Nelson   United States Doug Tewell   United States Raymond Floyd   United States
2001 Allen Doyle   United States Bob Gilder   United States John Schroeder   United States
2002 Hale Irwin   United States Morris Hatalsky   United States Hubert Green   United States
2003 Tom Watson   United States Craig Stadler   United States Don Pooley   United States
2004 Craig Stadler   United States Mark McNulty   Ireland Hubert Green   United States
2005 Dana Quigley   United States Jay Haas   United States Peter Jacobsen   United States
2006 Jay Haas   United States Eduardo Romero   Argentina Tim Simpson   United States
2007 Jay Haas   United States Denis Watson   Zimbabwe R. W. Eaks   United States
2008 Bernhard Langer   Germany Bernhard Langer   Germany
2009 Bernhard Langer   Germany Russ Cochran   United States
2010 Bernhard Langer   Germany Fred Couples   United States Ken Green   United States
2011 Tom Lehman   United States Kenny Perry   United States Chip Beck   United States
2012 Tom Lehman   United States Kirk Triplett   United States
2013 Kenny Perry   United States Rocco Mediate   United States
2014 Bernhard Langer   Germany Scott Dunlap   United States
2015 Bernhard Langer   Germany Jerry Smith   United States
2016 Bernhard Langer   Germany Paul Broadhurst   England
2017 Bernhard Langer   Germany Jerry Kelly   United States
2018 Bernhard Langer[2]   Germany Ken Tanigawa   United States
2019 Scott McCarron[3]   United States Retief Goosen   South Africa

Statistical awardsEdit

The Arnold Palmer Award is given to the player who earns the most PGA Tour Champions money in a season. The Byron Nelson Award goes to the player who has the lowest scoring average (strokes per round). No season-long awards were given in 2020 as, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour switched to a wraparound season encompassing all of 2020 and 2021.[1]

Year Arnold Palmer Award Byron Nelson Award
Player Country Earnings ($) Player Country Scoring Average
1980 Don January   United States 44,100 Don January   United States 71.00
1981 Miller Barber   United States 83,136 Miller Barber   United States 69.57
1982 Miller Barber   United States 106,890 Don January   United States 70.03
1983 Don January   United States 237,571 Don January   United States 69.46
1984 Don January   United States 328,597 Don January   United States 70.68
1985 Peter Thomson   Australia 386,724 Don January   United States 70.11
1986 Bruce Crampton   Australia 454,299 Chi-Chi Rodríguez   United States 69.65
1987 Chi-Chi Rodríguez   United States 509,145 Chi-Chi Rodríguez   United States 70.07
1988 Bob Charles   New Zealand 533,929 Bob Charles   New Zealand 70.05
1989 Bob Charles   New Zealand 725,887 Bob Charles   New Zealand 69.78
1990 Lee Trevino   United States 1,190,518 Lee Trevino   United States 68.89
1991 Mike Hill   United States 1,065,657 Lee Trevino   United States 69.50
1992 Lee Trevino   United States 1,027,002 Lee Trevino   United States 69.46
1993 Dave Stockton   United States 1,175,944 Bob Charles   New Zealand 69.59
1994 Dave Stockton   United States 1,402,519 Raymond Floyd   United States 69.08
1995 Jim Colbert   United States 1,444,386 Raymond Floyd   United States 69.47
1996 Jim Colbert   United States 1,627,890 Hale Irwin   United States 69.47
1997 Hale Irwin   United States 2,343,364 Hale Irwin   United States 68.92
1998 Hale Irwin   United States 2,861,945 Hale Irwin   United States 68.59
1999 Bruce Fleisher   United States 2,515,705 Bruce Fleisher   United States 69.19
2000 Larry Nelson   United States 2,708,005 Gil Morgan   United States 68.83
2001 Allen Doyle   United States 2,553,582 Gil Morgan   United States 69.20
2002 Hale Irwin   United States 3,028,304 Hale Irwin   United States 68.93
2003 Tom Watson   United States 1,853,108 Tom Watson   United States 68.81
2004 Craig Stadler   United States 2,306,066 Craig Stadler   United States 69.30
2005 Dana Quigley   United States 2,170,258 Mark McNulty   Ireland 69.41
2006 Jay Haas   United States 2,420,227 Loren Roberts   United States 69.01
2007 Jay Haas   United States 2,581,001 Loren Roberts   United States 69.31
2008 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,035,073 Bernhard Langer   Germany 69.65
2009 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,139,451 Bernhard Langer   Germany 68.92
2010 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,648,939 Fred Couples   United States 67.96
2011 Tom Lehman   United States 2,081,526 Mark Calcavecchia   United States 69.04
2012 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,140,296 Fred Couples   United States 68.52
2013 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,448,428 Fred Couples   United States 68.64
2014 Bernhard Langer   Germany 3,074,189 Bernhard Langer   Germany 68.03
2015 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,340,288 Bernhard Langer   Germany 68.69
2016 Bernhard Langer   Germany 3,016,959 Bernhard Langer   Germany 68.31
2017 Bernhard Langer   Germany 3,677,359 Bernhard Langer   Germany 68.03
2018 Bernhard Langer   Germany 2,222,154 Bernhard Langer   Germany 69.01
2019 Scott McCarron   United States 2,534,090 Retief Goosen   South Africa 69.14

Charles Schwab CupEdit

From 2001 through 2015, points were earned for thousands of dollars earned in top-ten finishes at tournaments. From 2008 to 2015, points were doubled at majors and the Charles Schwab Cup Championship.

Since 2016, the Charles Schwab Cup has used a playoff format similar to the FedEx Cup playoffs on the regular PGA Tour, though with three total events instead of four on the regular tour. Changes to the format are:[4]

  • During the regular season, points are based on dollars earned, regardless of the player's finish in a given tournament. No bonus is awarded for wins in majors.
  • The top 72 players on the money list will qualify for the first playoff event. Additionally, a "wild card" playoff berth will be awarded to a golfer who finishes in the top 10 of the last regular-season event, the SAS Championship, and is not within the top 72 after the tournament. (If more than one player outside the top 72 finishes in the top 10 at the SAS Championship, the highest finisher among these players will qualify.)
  • During the first two playoff events, points are earned as in the regular season, except the winner earns double points. The playoff field is cut to 54 after the first playoff event and 36 after the second, with the survivors advancing to the Charles Schwab Cup Championship.
  • Prior to the Charles Schwab Cup Championship, the points totals are reset. All 36 qualifiers will have a theoretical chance to win the Charles Schwab Cup, and each golfer in the top five can win the Charles Schwab Cup by winning the final event, no matter how the rest of the field performs.

The top five win annuities. Annuities involved in ties are divided amongst the tied players.

The Charles Schwab Cup was not awarded in 2020 as, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, the tour switched to a wraparound season encompassing all of 2020 and 2021.[1]

Year $1,000,000 $500,000 $300,000 $200,000 $100,000
2001 2,382   Allen Doyle 2,166   Bruce Fleisher 1,959   Hale Irwin 1,930   Larry Nelson 1,640   Gil Morgan
2002 2,886   Hale Irwin 2,087   Bob Gilder 1,582   Bruce Fleisher 1,448   Tom Watson 1,419   Tom Kite
2003 4,370   Tom Watson 3,046   Jim Thorpe 2,618   Tom Kite 2,585   Bruce Lietzke 2,328   Gil Morgan
2004 3,427   Hale Irwin 3,388   Craig Stadler 2,981   Tom Kite 2,471   Peter Jacobsen 2,417   Mark McNulty
2005 2,980   Tom Watson 2,733   Dana Quigley 2,210   Mark McNulty 2,001   Hale Irwin 1,846   Loren Roberts
2006 3,053   Jay Haas 3,033   Loren Roberts 1,910   Tom Kite 1,685   Brad Bryant 1,546   Eduardo Romero
1,546   Jim Thorpe
2007 2,716   Loren Roberts 2,551   Jay Haas 2,177   Denis Watson 2,167   Brad Bryant 2,032   Tom Watson
2008 2,556   Jay Haas 2,544   Fred Funk 2,460   Bernhard Langer 2,032   Eduardo Romero 1,867   John Cook
2009 2,670   Loren Roberts 2,351   John Cook 2,349   Fred Funk 2,322   Bernhard Langer 1,984   Jay Haas
2010 3,597   Bernhard Langer 2,771   Fred Couples 2,451   John Cook 1,846   Michael Allen 1,813   Russ Cochran
2011 2,422   Tom Lehman 2,348   Mark Calcavecchia 1,874   Peter Senior 1,803   Jay Don Blake 1,798   John Cook
2012 3,082   Tom Lehman 2,647   Bernhard Langer 1,846   Fred Couples 1,806   Roger Chapman 1,677   Fred Funk
2013 3,273   Kenny Perry 2,861   Bernhard Langer 2,425   Fred Couples 2,089   David Frost 1,673   Duffy Waldorf
2014 4,152   Bernhard Langer 3,307   Colin Montgomerie 2,461   Jay Haas 2,059   Kenny Perry 1,892   Tom Pernice Jr.
2015 3,520   Bernhard Langer 3,182   Colin Montgomerie 3,143   Jeff Maggert 1,951   Billy Andrade 1,466   Joe Durant
2016 3,200   Bernhard Langer 2,400   Colin Montgomerie 2,216   Paul Goydos 2,004   Scott McCarron 1,658   Joe Durant
2017 3,280   Kevin Sutherland 2,234   Bernhard Langer 2,100   Scott McCarron 1,834   Kenny Perry 1,640   Vijay Singh
2018 2,525,404   Bernhard Langer 2,256,618   Scott McCarron 2,254,856   Scott Parel 2,237,619   Vijay Singh 2,015,793   Miguel Ángel Jiménez
2019 2,534,090   Scott McCarron 2,382,675   Jerry Kelly 1,859,085   Retief Goosen 1,831,622   Bernhard Langer 1,733,517   Woody Austin

Players of the MonthEdit

Three members of the media form a panel which determines the recipients. The winners receive a medal.

Month 1994 1995 1996 1997 1998 1999
February   Mike Hill   J. C. Snead   Hale Irwin   David Graham   Larry Nelson   Bruce Fleisher
March   Jay Sigel   Jim Albus   Walter Morgan   David Graham   Lee Trevino   Gary McCord
April   Raymond Floyd   Raymond Floyd   Hale Irwin   Hale Irwin   Hale Irwin   Allen Doyle
May   Lee Trevino   Isao Aoki   Isao Aoki   Jay Sigel   Jay Sigel   Hale Irwin
June   Dave Stockton   Bob Murphy   Isao Aoki   Graham Marsh   John Jacobs   Bruce Fleisher
July   Jim Colbert   Tom Weiskopf   Dave Stockton   Larry Gilbert   Hale Irwin   Hale Irwin
August   Dave Stockton   Bob Murphy   Graham Marsh   Hugh Baiocchi   Hale Irwin   Hale Irwin
September   Isao Aoki   Walter Morgan   Mike Hill   David Graham   Hugh Baiocchi   Gil Morgan
October   Bob Murphy   Lee Trevino   Jim Colbert   Hale Irwin   Dana Quigley   Bruce Fleisher
November n/a n/a   Jay Sigel   Gil Morgan   Hale Irwin   Gary McCord
Month 2000 2001 2002 2003 2004
February   Bruce Fleisher   Gil Morgan   Hale Irwin   Dave Barr   Fuzzy Zoeller
March   Gil Morgan   José María Cañizares   Dana Quigley   David Eger   Tom Purtzer
April   Larry Nelson   Doug Tewell   Jim Thorpe   Bob Gilder   Gil Morgan
May   Larry Nelson   Tom Watson   Sammy Rachels   Hale Irwin   D. A. Weibring
June   Hale Irwin   Tom Kite   Don Pooley   Bruce Lietzke   Allen Doyle
July   Raymond Floyd   Allen Doyle   Bob Gilder   Craig Stadler
  Tom Watson
  Mark James
August   Ed Dougherty   Walter Hall   Hale Irwin   Jim Thorpe   Craig Stadler
September   Larry Nelson   Jim Thorpe   Bob Gilder   Larry Nelson   Craig Stadler
October   Jim Thorpe   Bob Gilder   Tom Watson   Jim Thorpe   Mark McNulty
Month 2005 2006 2007 2008 2009
Jan./Feb.   Hale Irwin   Loren Roberts   Loren Roberts   Scott Hoch   Bernhard Langer
March   Mark James   Morris Hatalsky   Tom Purtzer   Bernhard Langer   Joey Sindelar
April   Jim Thorpe   Jay Haas   Jay Haas   Tom Watson   Nick Price
May   Mike Reid   Brad Bryant   Denis Watson   Jay Haas   Mark McNulty
June   D. A. Weibring   Gil Morgan   Jay Haas   Loren Roberts   Bernhard Langer
July   Tom Watson   Loren Roberts   Tom Watson   Bruce Vaughan   Fred Funk
August   Loren Roberts   Tom Kite   D. A. Weibring   Fred Funk   Loren Roberts
September   Hale Irwin   Bob Gilder   Gil Morgan   Tom Kite   Jeff Sluman
October   Jay Haas   Jim Thorpe   Loren Roberts   D. A. Weibring   John Cook
Month 2010 2011 2012 2013 2014
Jan./Feb.   Fred Couples   Tom Lehman   Corey Pavin   Bernhard Langer   Bernhard Langer
March   Fred Couples   Nick Price   Fred Couples   David Frost   Jeff Maggert
April   Mark O'Meara   Michael Allen   Miguel Ángel Jiménez
May   Tom Lehman   Tom Watson   Roger Chapman   Kōki Idoki   Colin Montgomerie
June   Nick Price   Mark Wiebe   Tom Lehman   Kenny Perry   Jeff Sluman
July   Bernhard Langer   Russ Cochran   Fred Couples   Kenny Perry   Bernhard Langer
August   Mark Calcavecchia   Willie Wood   Bart Bryant   Kevin Sutherland
September   Russ Cochran   Jay Don Blake   Willie Wood   Kirk Triplett   Wes Short Jr.
October   Bernhard Langer   Jay Haas
Month 2015
Jan./Feb.   Bart Bryant
March   David Frost
April   Joe Durant
May   Colin Montgomerie
June   Jeff Maggert
July   Marco Dawson
August   Jeff Maggert
September   Esteban Toledo


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