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Old Chain-Bridge at Chaksam.

The Chakzam Bridge (also Chushul Chakzam) was a suspension bridge that spanned the Yarlung Tsangpo river near Lhasa in Tibet. When it was built at Jagsamka, in 1430 by Thang Tong Gyalpo (1385-1464),[1] its main section was the longest unsupported span in the world, with a central span estimated at around 137 metres (150 yards). At the time it was built, there were no suspension bridges anywhere else in the world.[citation needed]

Diagram by an Indian spy working for the Survey of India in 1878


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Coordinates: 29°22′36″N 88°00′15″E / 29.37654°N 88.0043°E / 29.37654; 88.0043