Chae, also spelled Chai, is a Korean family name and an element in some Korean given names. Its meaning differs based on the hanja used to write it.

Revised RomanizationChae

Family nameEdit


The 2000 South Korean Census found 119,251 people with the family name Chae.[1] It could be written with either of three hanja, indicating different lineages.[2] In a study by the National Institute of the Korean Language based on year 2007 application data for South Korean passports, it was found that 87.8% of people with this surname spelled it in Latin letters as Chae in their passports. Another 7.5% spelled it as Chai, 2.8% as Che, and 1.7% as Chea.[3]

Most common (蔡)Edit

(성씨 채 songssi chae) is by far the most common of the three Chae surnames.[1] This character is also used to write the Chinese family name pronounced Cài ([t͡ɕai̯˥˩]) in Mandarin. The 2000 Census found 114,069 people and 35,099 households with this surname, divided among seventeen reported bon-gwan (clan hometowns, not necessarily the actual residence of clan members), as well as eighty-six people whose bon-gwan was not stated:[1]

Second-most common (菜)Edit

(나물 채 namul chae) is the second-most common of the three Chae surnames.[1] The 2000 Census found 3,516 people and 1,067 households with this surname, divided among two reported bon-gwan:[1]

Least common (采)Edit

(풍채 채 pungchae chae, 캘 채 kael chae) is the least common of the three Chae surnames.[1] The 2000 Census found 1,666 people and 566 households with this surname, with one reported bon-gwan:[1]

  • Yeosan: 1,637 people and 562 households[1]
  • Other or unreported bon-gwan: 29 people and two households[1]


People with these family names include:

  • Chae Man-sik (蔡萬植, 1902–1950), Korean novelist
  • Chae Myung-shin (蔡命新, 1926–2013), South Korean army general
  • Chae Su-chan (蔡秀澯, born 1955), South Korean politician and economist
  • Chae Ho-ki (蔡好基, born 1957), South Korean poet
  • Nelson Chai (Chai Joo-suk, born 1965), American investment banker of Korean descent
  • Chae Shi-ra (蔡時那, born 1968), South Korean actress
  • Chae Sung-bae (蔡成培, born 1968), South Korean heavyweight boxer
  • Chae Keun-bae (蔡根培, born 1970), South Korean sport shooter
  • Chae Ji-hoon (蔡智薰, born 1974) South Korean speed skater
  • Chae Jung-an (蔡貞安, born Jang Jung-an, 1977), South Korean actress and singer
  • Chae Ri-na (born Baek Hyeon-ju, 1977), South Korean singer
  • Chae Sang-byung (蔡尙秉, born 1979), South Korean baseball player
  • Chae Min-seo (born Jo Soo-jin, 1981), South Korean actress
  • Chae Eun-hee (born 1982), South Korean marathon runner
  • Chae Seon-ah (born 1992), South Korean volleyball player
  • Piglet (video gamer) (born Chae Gwang-jin, 1994), South Korean League of Legends player
  • Chae Hyungwon (蔡亨源, born 1994), South Korean singer, DJ and member of Monsta X
  • Chae Soo-bin (蔡秀彬, born Bae Soo-bin, 1994), South Korean actress
  • Chea Song-joo (born 1998), South Korean figure skater
  • Chae Sang-woo (蔡相宇, born 1999), South Korean actor
  • Esther K. Chae (Chae Kyung-ju), American actress of Korean descent
  • Chae Eui-jin, South Korean voice actor
  • Daniel Chae, former member of the group DMTN

In given namesEdit

There are 17 hanja with the reading Chae on the South Korean government's official list of hanja which may be registered for use in given names; they are:[6]

  1. (나물 채 namul chae): vegetable
  2. (캘 채 kael chae): to lift
  3. (채색 채 chaesaek chae): colour
  4. (빚 채 bit chae): debt
  5. (풍채 채 pungchae chae, 캘 채 kael chae): appearance
  6. (사패지 채 sapaeji chae): fief
  7. (녹봉 채 nokbong chae): stipend
  8. (성씨 채 seongssi chae): used as a family name (originally a species of tortoise)
  9. (비단 채 bidan chae): silk
  10. (목책 채 mokchaek chae): wooden fence
  11. (옥빛 채 okbit chae): brightness of jade
  12. (진터 채 jinteo chae): fort
  13. (비녀 채 binyeo chae): binyeo (traditional Korean hairpin)
  14. (빚 채 bit chae): debt
  15. (참나무 채 chamnamu chae): oak tree
  16. (여자의 자 채 yeojaui ja chae): used in women's names
  17. (주목할 채 jumokhal chae): to watch

Korean given names containing the element Chae include:

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