Château du Bec-Crespin

The Château du Bec-Crespin is a historic castle in Saint-Martin-du-Bec, Seine-Maritime, Upper Normandy, France, 20 km north of Le Havre. It is now a luxury hotel.

Château du Bec-Crespin
General information
Coordinates49°35′51″N 0°12′26″E / 49.5976°N 0.2073°E / 49.5976; 0.2073Coordinates: 49°35′51″N 0°12′26″E / 49.5976°N 0.2073°E / 49.5976; 0.2073


An earlier castle stood here in the tenth century.[1]

The castle was inherited by Pierre de Brézé from his brother-in-law, Antoine Crespin, in 1454.[1] It was later inherited by Louis de Brézé.[1] In 1579, it was acquired by Nicolas Romé de Fresquiennes.[1]

During the Reign of Terror, the castle was used as a prison for Roman Catholic priests.[1] The castle was restored in 1844–48.[1]

The castle was rented to Henri Carton de Wiart from 1916 onwards, when he was the Belgian Minister of Justice.[1] Guests included Maurice Barrès, Louis Barthou and René Bazin.[1]

The castle is now a luxury hotel.[2]

Architectural significanceEdit

It has been listed as an official historical monument since December 22, 1952.[3]


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