Château de Tours

The Château de Tours is a castle located in Tours, Indre-et-Loire, France.

Château Tours
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General information
Location25 Avenue André Malraux, Tours, France
Coordinates47°23′50″N 0°41′37″E / 47.3971°N 0.6936°E / 47.3971; 0.6936Coordinates: 47°23′50″N 0°41′37″E / 47.3971°N 0.6936°E / 47.3971; 0.6936
Current tenantsCommune, State
Construction started11th century

Built in the 11th century, the building displayed an architecture of the Carolingian period, and was the residence of the Lords of France.

Until the 2000s, the Royal Castle of Tours was used as an aquarium where about 1,500 fish of 200 different species could be seen. It also served as Grévin museum. The castle was classified as monument historique on 20 August 1913.[1]

Currently, the building houses contemporary exhibitions of paintings and photographs (organized by Le Jeu de Paume), including works by Joan Miró, Daniel Buren, Nadar, Robert Capa.[2]


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