Certain Distant Suns

Certain Distant Suns is an alternative rock band that was present on the Chicago music scene of the early 1990s.

Certain Distant Suns
OriginChicago, Illinois, USA
GenresAlternative rock
Years active1989–1996
Giant Records (1990)
Warner Music Group
Past membersJustin Mroz
Lance Stewart
Jared Mroz
Dan Zigmund
Kerry Finerty

Early Days: 1989–1991Edit

Justin Mroz (vocals, guitar) and Lance Stewart (bass, vocals) formed Certain Distant Suns in 1989[1] in Fox Lake, Illinois. The duo made early recordings with producer Dave Trumfio, and used keyboards & sequencers to back up their live performances at Chicago venues like Medusa’s -- the legendary under-21 nightclub once located at School & Sheffield. Justin later recruited his cousin Jared Mroz (drums) and added guitarists Dan Zigmund and Kerry Finerty.

Successful Years: 1992–1995Edit

Certain Distant Suns played locally in Chicago before self-releasing the EP Huge. The follow-up EP, Dogrocket, featured the singles "Bitter", "Talk" and "Snowfall At The Most Curious Times" received a good deal of college & alternative rock airplay and brought the band to the height of their popularity.[1] Both of these EPs were collected, along with extra tracks, on the 1994 full-length Happy on the Inside, released by Warner subsidiary Giant Records.

Their final release was the Boss Nova EP, issued in 1996.



  • Miserable / The One (1989)
  • Bitter (1994)


  • Crushed (1990)
  • God Is An Astronaut (1995)


  • Huge e.p. (1992)
  • Dogrocket e.p. (1993)
  • Happy On The Inside (1994)
  • Boss Nova (1996)