Cephisodorus or Kephisodoros (Ancient Greek: Κηφισόδωρος) was a male Greek name.

1. Cephisodorus, an Athenian dramatist of the Old Comedy. According to Lysias, he was a comic poet who won a victory in 402 BC.[1] This victory was probably in the Lenaea; around the same time Cephisodorus appears on the surviving victory lists for the City Dionysia.[2] The Suda says that he was a tragedian, and credits him with four plays: Antilais, Amazons, Trophonius, and The Hog.[3] The titles quoted by the Suda are comic, and so the identification of Cephisodorus as a tragedian is likely to be an error.[4]

2. Cephisodorus, a military commander who died at the battle of Mantineia at 362 BC.[5]

3. Kephisodoros, an Athenian leader who opposed Philip V during the Second Makedonian War. After allying Athens to fellow Greek powers including Attalos I of Pergamon, Ptolemy V of Egypt, the Aitolian League, Krete, and Rhodes, he travelled to Rome to request the Senate for further aid against Makedon.[6] The Romans sent Publius Sulpicius Galba Maximus, Publius Villius Tappulus (who Pausanias calls Otilios),[7] and Titus Quinctius Flamininus who defeated Philip V at the Battle of Kynoskephalai.


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