Century Motor Vehicle Company

Century Motor Vehicle Company (1899–1903) was a manufacturer of electric[1] and steam automobiles in Syracuse, New York. The company switched to gasoline-fuelled internal combustion engine-powered automobiles in January 1903,[2] and went out of business later that year.[3]

Century Motor Vehicle Company
TypeAutomobile Manufacturing
GenreRunabouts, roadsters
FounderCharles F. Saul,
William Van Wagoner,
Charles Listman,
Charles A. Bridgman and
Hiram W. Plumb
FateFailed - underestimated their production costs
Area served
United States
Automotive parts

It is not to be confused with Century, a British motor company that produced cars until 1907.


Century Motor Vehicle Company - Chainless transmission of power - The Horseless Age, 1901
Century Roadster - 1903
Century Motor Vehicle Company - 1903
Century Tourist - 1903
For Sale - Century Steam automobile - Altoona Mirror, December 10, 1906


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