Centum City (Korean: 센텀시티) is a major multi-project urban development part of Haeundae-gu, Busan, South Korea. It is also one of CBDs in Busan Metropolitan City. This site is at the westernmost area of Haeundae-gu in U-1-dong, Jae-song-dong. The site was originally the place of Suyeong Airport, the former airport of Busan. Centum City can be accessed by Busan Metro Line 2 at Centum City Station.[1] [[Inside the Shinsegae Department Store.jpg|thumb|Interior of the Shinsegai Centum City, the largest in the world]]

Centum City
Korean name
Revised RomanizationSenteom siti
McCune–ReischauerSent'ŏm sit'i

Purpose edit

Main purpose to make Centum City of Busan is three:[1]

  1. Promoting the industrial structure in Busan industrial areas.
  2. Attracting the central management function in response to the globalization and information age in the 21st century.
  3. Implementing projects to create information complexes reflected in Busan and Gyeong-nam development projects.

Area edit

Centum City at night from across the Suyeong River
  • Phase 1 : 1,163,943.1 m2 (completed)
  • Phase 2 : 14,100.1 m2 (completed)


Period edit

  • Sep. 1997 ~ Feb. 28. 2006 (Phase 1)
  • Sep. 1997 ~ Jun. 13. 2007 (Phase 2)


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35°10′04.51″N 129°07′55.79″E / 35.1679194°N 129.1321639°E / 35.1679194; 129.1321639