Central Bank of Kuwait

The Central Bank of Kuwait (CBK; Arabic: بنك الكويت المركزي)[3] is the central bank of Kuwait. It offers a strict currency system on behalf of the state. The bank regulates Kuwaiti stock market along with the Kuwait Stock Exchange, the Ministry of Commerce and Industry and the Ministry of Finance.[4]

Central Bank of Kuwait
بنك الكويت المركزي
Central Bank of Kuwait Logo.png
HeadquartersKuwait City
Coordinates29°22′39″N 47°58′17″E / 29.3774°N 47.9714°E / 29.3774; 47.9714Coordinates: 29°22′39″N 47°58′17″E / 29.3774°N 47.9714°E / 29.3774; 47.9714
Established30 June 1968; 54 years ago (1968-06-30)
Ownership100% state ownership[1]
GovernorBasel Ahmad Al-Haroon[2]
Central bank ofState of Kuwait
CurrencyKuwaiti dinar
KWD (ISO 4217)
Reserves25 660 million USD[1]


It was established on 30 June 1968.[5] The bank launched Financial Intelligence Unit in 2003.[6]

Salem Abdulaziz Al Sabah served as the governor of the bank until February 2012.[7][8] Dr. Mohammad Al Hashel succeeded Sabah as governor in April 2012 and Yousef Al Obaid as deputy governor in May 2012.[9]


Governors of the Central Bank of Kuwait.[10]

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