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Center for the Promotion of Imports

The Centre for the Promotion of Imports (Dutch: Centrum tot Bevordering van de Import uit ontwikkelingslanden) from developing countries (internationally known by its Dutch acronym CBI) was established in 1971. CBI is an Agency of the Netherlands Ministry of Foreign Affairs and part of the development cooperation effort of the foreign relations of the Netherlands.

CBI contributes to the economic development of developing countries by strengthening the competitiveness of companies from those countries on the markets of the European Union and EFTA. The primary clients and direct beneficiaries of CBI are (1) Exporters; companies who (wish to) export to Europe, (2) Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in developing countries and (3)Importers / Outsourcers; companies in Europe who (wish to) buy from developing countries.

CBI offers a variety of market information tools to keep exporters and Business Support Organisations (BSOs) in developing countries in step with the very latest development on the EU market. It includes information about relevant governmental and voluntary and non-tariff barriers. It has an on-line facility that links well-versed suppliers in developing countries eligible for CBI assistance to reliable importing companies in the EU. Its export coaching activities are designed to assist entrepreneurs in developing countries in entering and succeeding on the European markets and/or consolidating or expanding their existing market share. CBI provides training for exporters and business support organisations on among others general export marketing and management, trade promotion, management of international trade fair participations and developing client-oriented market information systems.

CBI is also involved in institutional support for capacity building for selected business support organisations in export marketing and management, market information systems, institutional development and export diversification.

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