Tarasque de Noves
Oppidum of Cabellio

The Cavares were a Gallic tribe, or a federation of tribes, located in the lower Rhone valley. Their strongholds were Avignon (Avennio), Orange (Arausio) and Cavaillon (Cabellio). Their closest neighbours were the Segallauni, the Tricastini, the Salyes, the Albici (or Albioeci) and the Vocontii.[1]


Cauares is believed to be a Gaulish ethnic name meaning "Heroes, Champions"; it is likely related to Old Irish caur "hero, champion warrior", Breton kaour and Welsh cawr, "giant, hero".[2]


Cavares coin of the 1st century BC

The Tarasque de Noves anthropophagous statue, displayed in the Musée Calvet in Avignon, is attributed to the Cavares.


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