Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes were a French band formed in 1968. It consisted of singer Catherine Ribeiro and composer Patrice Moullet. The other members changed through every record. The two used to be in the band Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis, but decided to change the name after their first record. While their style was mostly folk and psychedelic rock in their first years, they also included elements of avant-garde into their music. Their lyrics often dealt with political and social issues, and they were all written by Catherine Ribeiro, who is also notable for her very special singing style, chaotic and expressive. They disbanded in 1981.

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes
GenresPsychedelic rock, avant-garde, folk rock, progressive rock
Years active1968–1981
LabelsPhilips Records
Fontana Records
Festival Records
Past membersCatherine Ribeiro
Patrice Moullet


Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis

  • Catherine Ribeiro + 2Bis (1969)

Catherine Ribeiro + Alpes

  • N°2 (1970)
  • Ame Debout (1971)
  • Paix (1972)
  • Le Rat Dèbile Et L'Homme Des Champs (1974)
  • Libertes (1975)
  • Le Temps De L'Autre (1977)
  • Passions (1979)
  • La Deboussole (1980)