Catharina Verplanck

Catharina Verplanck, otherwise known as Callyntje Verplanck, Catalina Verplanck, or Catharina Schuyler (February 1639-8 October 1708) was the daughter of Verplanck family progenitor and land developer Abraham Isaacsen Verplanck and wife of David Pieterse Schuyler who was a progenitor of the Schuyler family.

Catharina Verplanck
Callyntje Verplanck

(1639-02-00)February 1639
Died8 October 1708(1708-10-08) (aged 69)
Parent(s)Abraham Isaacsen Verplanck
Maria de la Vigne

Early lifeEdit

Verplanck was born in February 1639 to New Netherland pioneers Abraham Isaacsen Verplanck and Maria de la Vigne.[1][2] Her father was Dutch-born and her mother was French-born. Her siblings were Abigael Van Lear, Gulian, Isaac, Susanna, Jacomyntjie, Ariantje, Hillegondt, Isaac. The first Isaac lived and died in 1641, and his younger brother was born 10 years after his death in 1651 and lived to 1729.[3][4]

Marriage and childrenEdit

Verplanck was married to newly-arrived David Pieterse Schuyler in 1657 at the New Amsterdam Dutch Church. They had 8 children between 1659 and 1678 [5]. Their children included Myndert Schuyler, who was Mayor of Albany and David Davidse Schuyler who was a fur trader as well as a Mayor of Albany.[4]

  • Judge Peter Schuyler was born April 18, 1659. He married Alyda van Slichtenhorst, niece of Margaretta Schuyler, wife of Philip Pieterse Schuyler. They had 7 children. He died on March 7, 1696 at the young age of 36.
  • Catylyn Schuyler was born in 1659. She married Johannes Abeel. She was the great-grandmother of Cornplanter.
  • Geertruyt Schuyler was born on September 19, 1661 and grew up in Albany. She married Willem Nicolasz Groesbeck in 1684 and had 6 children. She was a regular baptism sponsor at the Albany Dutch Church. In 1688, she was named an heir in the will of her father.
  • Abraham Davidse Schuyler was born August 16, 1663. He married Geertruy ten Broeck, the daughter of Major Dirck Wesselse ten Broeck who was Mayor of Albany. Two of Geertruy's brothers married daughters of Hendrick van Rensselaer. He represented his fathers trading interests in the Indian Country. They had five children. He lived with the Seneca people for a while, but when his father died he returned to Albany to take care of the business. In 1709, he and his cousin Pieter Schuyler (great uncle to General Phillip John Schuyler) as well as 4 Mohawk chiefs went to see Queen Anne. He died on July 6, 1726 after a brief illness in Seneca country.
  • Maria Schuyler was born September 29, 1666 in Albany. She married Dr. Hendrick van Dyck and they had four children. She died on June 7, 1742 in Kinderhook, New York.
  • Myndert Schuyler was born January 16, 1672. He married Rachel Cuyler and they had one child named Anna, who married Johannes de Peyster III. He served the Albany government as a juror, constable, Alderman, and mayor.
  • Jacob Davidtse Schuyler was born June 14, 1675. He was married to Catharina Wendell. She died, so he remarried Susanna Wendell and they had two children. Beginning in 1697, he served the community as a constable for the third and as a firemaster and juror. In 1702, his third ward property was taxed at a rate comparable to a moderately successful merchant. He died on March 27, 1707 at the young age of 31.[6]


Her second great-granddaughter, Maria Helen Roosevelt was the second great grandmother of First Lady Eleanor Roosevelt. Her great-grandson Johannes Abeel was the father of the Seneca war chief Cornplanter. Some of her other descendants and relatives married into families such as the van Rensselear family and the Roosevelt family.[7]

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