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I propose that the category "Electronic Bibles" be renamed "Bible software". Bible software can be classified in different ways, but I believe that the following division is agreeable:

  • Electronic bibles and concordancies display a biblical text, usually a translation, additionally with some search capabilities.
  • Electronic study bibles add a few explanitory resources to the biblical text(s), still without becming a library. The distinction between this category and the next is not entirely clear, but comprehension is the key word. An electronic study bible contains the same information that one would expect to find in a paper study bible: Maps, charts, commentaries, articles and glossaries.
  • Electronic theological libraries are the most comprehensive software, who allow the user to expand the number of resources as needed. From a theologcial library one would expect the availability tens, hundreds or even thousands of resoruces.

There are not enough different bible software registered on Wikipedia to use subcategories. Therefore, as the bible is central to all theological studies, I believe that "Bible software" is the best designation. The title "Electronic Bibles" implies that such software includes only the bible itself. -- (talk) 13:05, 14 December 2008 (UTC)