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To put an article in this category, add one of the following templates to that article:

  1. {{Abbreviations}}
  2. {{Colloquial}}
  3. {{Debate}}
  4. {{Essay-like}} (redirect: {{Editorial}})
  5. {{Example farm}}
  6. {{Fanpov}}
  7. {{Inappropriate person}}
  8. {{Inappropriate title}}, {{Inappropriate title soft}}
  9. {{Long quote}}
  10. {{Manual}}
  11. {{MOS}}
  12. {{Needs table}}
  13. {{Overly detailed}}, {{Overly detailed inline}}
  14. {{Over-quotation}}
  15. {{Pro and con list}}
  16. {{Repetition}}, {{Repetition section}}, {{Repetition inline}}
  17. {{Research paper}}
  18. {{Review}}
  19. {{Story}}
  20. {{Summary style}}
  21. {{Term paper}}
  22. {{Textbook}}
  23. {{Tone}}, {{Tone inline}}
  24. {{Too many flags}}
  25. {{Travel guide}}
  26. {{Verbosity}}

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