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This page contains Wikipedians who have identified themselves (at least on Wikipedia) as being adherents of Islam. Please only specify your user page in this category, and not any sub-pages. Your username will be added to this list when you add one of these template codes to your user page.

Template Userbox
{{User Muslim}}
Allah1.pngThis user is a Muslim. This person is very proud to be a Muslim.
{{User Muslim2}}
Mosque02.svgThis user is a Muslim.
☪This user is a Muslim.
{{User Proud Muslim}}
This user is proud to be a Muslim!.Allah-green.svg
{{User:Dwscomet/My userbox creations/Islam}}
Jama Masjid, Delhi.jpgThis user is Muslim.
{{User:Ashley Y/Userbox/Muslim}}
Allah.svgThis user is a Muslim.

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