Category:History of the State of Palestine

This category is about the history of the modern State of Palestine, from the 1988 statehood proclamation and UN Resolution 67/19 in November 2012 to the present. Events in Arab history in the region preceding the modern Palestinian national movement belong in Category:History of Palestine (region). The pre-2012 history of the region is found in the articles Mandatory Palestine and All-Palestine Protectorate. Articles referring to Palestinian nationalists are in Category:Palestinian nationalism.

Categories covering the modern history of Palestine (region)
Ottoman Palestine
Mandatory Palestine 1920–1948
West Bank under Jordan:
West Bank Governorate
Gaza Strip under Egypt:
All-Palestine Protectorate 1948–1959
Egyptian administration 1959–1967 (article)
Israeli Military Governorate 1967–1981
Israeli Civil Administration 1981–1993
Palestinian territories (PNA) 1994–2012
State of Palestine 2013–present