Category:CS1 properties

This is a tracking category for various CS1 citation properties categories. This category should not contain individual pages. Pages in the individual subcategories should only be added by CS1 templates and Module:Citation/CS1.

Module:Citation/CS1 adds properties categories to some CS1|2 citations. Unlike errors or maintenance needs, there is no message when a properties category is added. Properties categories may be temporary or may be perpetual. Editors can use CSS to add special styling to CS1|2 template renderings that will highlight a citation that added a properties category. For example, this template uses a long volume name:

{{cite book |title=Title |date=May–Jun 2021 |volume = 1: Long volume}}
Title. Vol. 1: Long volume. May–Jun 2021.

If you add this to your CSS that citation will render with a pale yellow background:

.cs1-prop-long-vol {background: #FFC;}

Add one or more of these (with appropriate styling) to your CSS to highlight template renderings when when those templates add the associated properties category:

.cs1-prop-foreign-lang-source {} – subcategories of Category:CS1 foreign language sources
.cs1-prop-foreign-lang-source-2 {}Category:CS1 foreign language sources (ISO 639-2)
.cs1-prop-jul-greg-uncertainty {}Category:CS1: Julian–Gregorian uncertainty
.cs1-prop-location-test {}Category:CS1 location test‎
.cs1-prop-long-vol {}Category:CS1: long volume value
.cs1-prop-script {} – subcategories of Category:CS1 uses foreign language script‎
.cs1-prop-tracked-param {} – subcategories of Category:CS1 tracked parameters
.cs1-prop-year-range-abbreviated {}Category:CS1: abbreviated year range‎


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