Castlerea Prison

Castlerea Prison (Irish: Príosún an Chaisleáin Riabhach) is a closed, medium security facility in Castlerea, County Roscommon. It houses male prisoners from 17 years of age or more. As of 2009, it had a bed capacity of 351 and the daily average number of resident inmates was 306.[1]

Castlerea Prison
Castlerea Prison is located in Ireland
Castlerea Prison
LocationHarristown, Castlerea, County Roscommon
Coordinates53°45′17″N 8°29′20″W / 53.754843°N 8.488866°W / 53.754843; -8.488866Coordinates: 53°45′17″N 8°29′20″W / 53.754843°N 8.488866°W / 53.754843; -8.488866
Security classmedium security
Managed byIrish Prison Service
GovernorMr. David Conroy


Castlerea was established as part of the system of district mental hospitals in 1939. Operating intermittently as a tuberculosis sanitorium, it continued to function as a hospital until 1994 when it was closed. It was renamed St. Patrick's Hospital during the 1960s. From 1996 it opened as a prison accepting a small intake of inmates that year. Construction work on the main cell blocks of the prison was completed in 1998.[2]

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