Castell-Castell was a county in the Holy Roman Empire, ruled by a branch of the Counts of Castell. It was established as a partition of Castell-Remlingen in 1668, and it was partitioned between itself and Castell in 1709. It annexed the County of Castell in 1772, and was mediatised to Bavaria in 1806.[1]

Coat of Arms of the Counts of Castell
Castell Castle

Counts of Castell-Castell (1668–1806)

  • Wolfgang Theodoric (1668–1709)
  • Augustus Francis Frederick (1709–1767) reigned mutually with
  • Charles Frederick Gottlieb (Count of Castell-Remlingen) (1709–1717) and
  • Wolfgang George II (1709–1736) and
  • Christian Frederick Charles (Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen (1736–1773)
  • Albert Frederick Charles (1773–1806) mutually with
  • Christian Frederick (later Count of Castell-Rüdenhausen) (1773–1803)

(Mediatized) Counts of Castell-Castell

  • Friedrich Ludwig (1810-1875)
  • Carl (1875-1886)
  • Friedrich Carl (1886-1901)

(Mediatized) Princes of Castell-Castell



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