Cassette tape (disambiguation)

Cassette tape most commonly refers to the Compact Cassette, the standard cassette tape format for analogue audio recording and playback.

Cassette tape may also refer to the following cassette-based magnetic tape formats:


  • Digital Audio Tape (DAT), a signal recording and playback medium developed by Sony and introduced in 1987
  • Digital Compact Cassette (DCC), a magnetic tape sound recording format introduced by Philips and Matsushita in late 1992 and marketed as the successor to the standard analog Compact Cassette
  • Digital Tape Format, a magnetic tape data storage format developed by Sony


  • Videocassette, a cartridge containing videotape
    • VHS, the most successful format for consumer-level analogue video recording on tape cassettes
    • Betamax, another common consumer videocassette format

Other usesEdit

  • Tape drive, a data storage device that reads and writes data on a magnetic tape, many of which are cassette-based

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