A carriel is a small leather satchel from Colombia. They are similar in appearance to a saddlebag but worn over the shoulder, usually by men. Carrieles were traditionally made of rawhide or nutria fur and are typical of the Antioquia region of Colombia. The bag is associated with paisa cultureCarrieles were used by arrieros (Paisa cowboys) for their horseback trips. Dier, Andrew (2014). Colombia. Moon Handbooks. Berkeley, California: Avalon Travel. p. 256-257. ISBN 978-1-61238-627-0.</ref>. The carriel is part of folkloric dress of the region[1][2] and is also used by modern businessmen throughout the country.[disputed (for: conflict with sources) ]

It is said that the word carriel comes from the English "carry-all", but derivation from the French cartier (handbag) is equally likely.[3]

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