Carr's Tunnel

Carr's Tunnel is an abandoned railway tunnel in Greensburg, Pennsylvania. Known locally as Witches' Tunnel, it was originally built in 1856 for the Pennsylvania Railroad. It was brick-lined in 1868-1869.[1] The railway line it was associated with, now dismantled, once ran from Donohoe Station to the now-vanished Carney Station, near the Carney coal mine, and on to Latrobe.[2]

Carr's Tunnel
Carr’s Tunnel, by Purviance, W. T. (William T.).jpg
Stereoscopic view of the tunnel
LocationGreensburg, Pennsylvania
Constructedrock bored, brick lined
OpenedJanuary, 1856
OwnerPennsylvania Railroad
Length825 feet
No. of tracksdouble

In recent years single-family residences have been built directly adjacent to the abandoned tunnel.[3]

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  • Video of the tunnel [1]



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Coordinates: 40°18′36″N 79°28′01″W / 40.310°N 79.467°W / 40.310; -79.467