Carnifex Ferry order of battle

The following Union Army and Confederate Army units and commanders fought in the Battle of Carnifex Ferry of the American Civil War on September 10, 1861, in Nicholas County, Virginia (now West Virginia).

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Military rank edit

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  • w = wounded
  • k = killed

Union Forces edit

Army of West Virginia edit

BG William S. Rosecrans[1]

Brigade Unit
1st Brigade

   BG Henry Washington Benham

2nd Brigade

   Col Robert Latimer McCook

3rd Brigade

   Col Eliakim Parker Scammon (in reserve)

Confederate Forces edit

Army of the Kanawha edit

BG John Buchanan Floyd[4][5]

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Notes edit

  1. ^ A total of 17 men killed and 142 wounded was reported.
  2. ^ Schneider and personnel from the 13th Ohio
  3. ^ Also known as Schambeck's Independent Cavalry Company
  4. ^ The command structure of Floyd's force has never been determined. In addition to these regiments, he also had two unidentified regiments under his command. His total strength is reported as 1,800 men; 20 wounded in action were reported.
  5. ^ "Additional command structure". Archived from the original on 2018-07-15. Retrieved 2018-07-15.

References edit

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