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Carmona railway station

San Pedro-Carmona Resettlement station, often shortened to Carmona, was the terminus of the San Pedro-Carmona Line. The line was built to serve the San Pedro-Carmona Resettlement Center.


Carmona opened on April 1, 1973. Twenty-six trains (14 trips each directions) serve the line from Manila and Caloocan and vice versa. The last train arrived at the station in 2010 to lift the tracks. The station is now being considered as a stop for a shuttle service from Dela Rosa in Makati, with a targeted opening in 2019.[1]

11 Thieves masquerading as PNR Engineering Department personnel were caught pilfering railway parts by the PNR Civil Security Office and Incident Response team in close proximity to the station, having carted away actual rails already cut down to pieces. The thieves were charged.[2]


The station consists of one main track and a siding. Staircases connect the lobby, platform, and the entrance of the station.