Carmen Sánchez

Carmen Sánchez (April 21, 1898 – November 20, 1985) was a Spanish singer, dancer, and actress. She started her career as dancer and singer of zarzuela at very young age. At age 20, she finished working on copla or chotis and was featured in films between 1927 and 1928. She was a pioneer of silent films. She became a famous Spanish actress after the Spanish Civil War. "Nosotros los astistas, diccionario akal, Teatralerias and other books".

Carmen Sánchez
Birth nameCarmen Sánchez-Bueno Moya
Born(1898-04-21)April 21, 1898
Madrid, Spain
OriginSpanish, Italian
DiedNovember 20, 1985(1985-11-20) (aged 87)
Madrid, Spain
GenresFolklore, Zarzuela, Drama, Comedy
Occupation(s)Singer and actress
InstrumentsVoice, castanets
Years active1910–1969

Professional careerEdit

Carmen Sánchez was born in Madrid, Spain. "Nosotros los artistas and Teatralerias"

In the 1920s, she became a famous dramatic theatre actress. In the 1930s, Sánchez established a theater company and achieved success for her work in theaters across Spain including Madrid, Lara, Princess Beatrice, Princess Elizabeth, Cervantes, and Cómico. "Nosotros los artistas and Teatralerias".

During the first half of the twentieth century, she primarily worked in the theater alongside famous Spanish actors like José Romeu, Enrique Rambal, Pepita Meliá, Rafael Bardem, Manuel Luna, Carmen Ruíz Moragas, and Carola Fernán Gomez. "Nosotros los artistas".

The civil war in Spain suspended her work but her work in the Pavón theatre of Madrid in 1938–39. In the 1940s she went back to the theatre to continue her work with the national company of Spanish dramatic art with which she worked throughout the country and in the cinema as well successfully. "Nosotros los artistas".

In the 1940s she worked in Nuevo Apolo theater with Agustina de Aragón in 1941, Lara theater Infierno frío in 1943, María Guerrero theater with El puente de los suicidas and La virgen de la goleta, and T. de la Zarzuela with Divorcio de almas author Jacinto Benavente. books "Nosotros los artistas and Teatralerias", press "ABC, Madrid, Alcazar, Pueblo, Digame".

In her long career in the Spanish film industry she had the honor to participate in famous films made by directors well known and even in some European co-productions. Next to nothing unless act Sara Montiel, Fernando Fernán Gómez, Vittorio de Sica, Carmen Sevilla, Ángel de Andrés, Tony Leblanc, Marifé de Triana, Joselito, Luis Mariano, Manuel Alexandre, Conrado San Martín..."Teatralerias and Nosotros los artistas".

Personal lifeEdit

  • His grandfather Emilio Sánchez was captain and knight of King Alfonso XII, creating and integrating the first royal guard.
  • She was a niece of José María Alvira which she beginning in 1910s in Opera. "Nosotros los artistas and Teatralerias".
  • In 1930s, 1940s, 1950s she was a couple lover of Duke of Berwick the ambassador of London, a famous rich man. "Nosotros los artistas".
  • She had three children: Carmen Sánchez jr, Pedro and Emilio. "Nosotros los artistas, and Teatralerias".
  • Her sister was a grandmother of the Videgain´s today. ID
  • In the fifties he retired from theatrical stages as he reached a comfortable position thanks to his good work.
  • In 1969 she retired from cinema and died retired in 1985. ID
  • Carmen Sánchez died in November 1985, was interred in the Cementerio de la Almudena in Madrid. ID


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