Carlos d'Alessio

Carlos d'Alessio (1935 – June 14, 1992) was an Argentina-born French composer.

Carlos d'Alessio
Buenos Aires, Argentina
Died(1992-06-14)June 14, 1992
Paris, France
Years active1974 - 1992


Carlos d'Alessio was born in Buenos Aires. He studied architecture and is interested in cinema and learn music. In 1962, he moved to New York and was introduced in the middle of the vanguard. In 1973, he drew the attention of the novelist Marguerite Duras, and became a filmmaker. The two then worked together several times.

He died on June 14, 1992, in Paris.


Year Title Director Notes
1974 La Femme du Gange Marguerite Duras first collaboration with Duras
1975 Maîtresse Barbet Schroeder
India Song Marguerite Duras (2) Nominated - César Award for Best Music Written for a Film
1976 Les Lieux de Marguerite Duras Michelle Porte
Son nom de Venise dans Calcutta désert Marguerite Duras (3)
Des journées entières dans les arbres Marguerite Duras (4)
1977 Baxter, Vera Baxter Marguerite Duras (5)
1979 Le navire Night Marguerite Duras (6)
1981 Les jeux de la Comtesse Dolingen de Gratz Catherine Binet
1982 Parti sans laisser d'adresse Jacqueline Veuve
Hécate Daniel Schmid
1985 The Children Marguerite Duras (7)
1988 La bête dans la jungle Benoît Jacquot TV Movie
1989 Foutaises Jean-Pierre Jeunet Short
1991 Delicatessen Marc Caro
Jean-Pierre Jeunet (2)
Sitges Film Festival - Best Original Soundtrack
Nominated - César Award for Best Music Written for a Film
1992 Frauen über R. W. Fassbinder Thomas Honickel TV Movie Documentary


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