Carlos Suárez (cinematographer)

Carlos Suárez (1946 – 19 October 2019)[1][2] was a Spanish cinematographer who worked in various movies like Oviedo Express, Dagon, El Portero, Don Juan en los infiernos and El detective y la muerte.[3][4][5][6][7][8]

He was the younger brother of film director Gonzalo Suarez, with whom he collaborated several times. He occasionally acted in movies like La Raza Nunca Pierde - Huele a Gas and Guyana: Cult of the Damned and was the director and writer for The Secret Garden, a 1984 movie.[9] He was the winner of the 1988 Goya Award for Best Cinematography for the film Remando al viento (Rowing with the Wind).[10]

Awards and nominationsEdit

Goya Awards
Category Year Film Result Ref
Best cinematographer 2008 La conjura de El Escorial Nominated [11]
2007 Oviedo Express Nominated [12]
1991 Don Juan en los infiernos Nominated [11]
1988 Remando al viento Won [13]

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