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Carlo Allioni

Carlo Allioni (23 September 1728 in Turin – 30 July 1804 in Turin) was an Italian physician and professor of botany at the University of Turin.[1] His most important work was Flora Pedemontana, sive enumeratio methodica stirpium indigenarum Pedemontii[citation needed] 1755, a study of the plant world in Piedmont, in which he listed 2813 species of plants, of which 237 were previously unknown.[citation needed] In 1766, he published the Manipulus Insectorum Tauriniensium.

In April, 1758 he was elected a Fellow of the Royal Society.[2]

He was appointed extraordinary professor of botany at the University of Turin in 1760 and was also the director of the Turin Botanical Garden. The journal Allionia: bollettino dell' istituto ed orto botanico dell' università di Torino is named after him.[3]

First Pehr Löfling and then Linnaeus named the New World herb genus Allionia (Nyctaginaceae) after Allioni.[3][4] Per Axel Rydberg named the genus Allioniella (now Mirabilis[citation needed]), after him. Also named after him are:


Selected worksEdit

  • Flora Pedemontana, sive, Enumeratio methodica stirpium indigenarum Pedemontii (1755)
  • Auctarium ad floram Pedemontanam cum notis et emendationibus (1789)
  • Stirpium praecipuarum littoris et agri Nicaeensis Enumeratio methodica cum Elencho aliquot anirnalium ejusdem maris (1757)


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Further readingEdit

  • Caramiello, R. & Forneris, G. (2004) Le opere minori di Carlo Allioni: dal «Rariorum Pedemontii stirpium» all'«Auctarium ad Floram Pedemontanam». Firenze: Edizioni Olschki ISBN 88-222-5378-7

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