Caradog Jones

Caradog "Crag" Jones (born 1962) is a Welsh climber. He is the first Welshman to reach the summit of Mount Everest, a feat achieved on 23 May 1995. He was the 724th climber to reach the summit.[1] The final ascent was made with Michael Knakkergaard-Jorgensen, the first Dane to the summit.

Jones was born and bred in Pontrhydfendigaid, a village near Tregaron, Ceredigion, in mid-Wales.

Everest expeditionEdit

Jones and Jorgensen were part of a larger world team, led by Henry Todd of the UK, and using Himalayan guides.

The team took the northern route (North Col – North East Ridge)

His ascent of Everest was made into a 52-minute film for television,[2] and featured camera work by Eric Jones).

Other peaks and "firsts"Edit

He made the first ascent of Hunza Peak (6200m).[citation needed]

On 25 January 2001 Jones made the first ascent, solo, of the highest of the Three Brothers peaks (2008m) at the north west end of the Allardyce Range on South Georgia.[3]

In 2005, together with Julian Freeman-Attwood, Rich Howarth and Skip Novak, Jones completed a 17-day south-north traverse of South Georgia. As part of this they made the first ascent of Pk. 5680 (1,727m).[4] (Some pictures here)

In October 1996, with Mick Fowler and Julian Freeman-Attwood, Jones made the first ascent of Yes, Please, a crag in Orkney. (A picture here)

Jones now lives with his wife and daughter in Frodsham, Cheshire, working as a freelance fisheries consultant.[5]

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