Capricorn (manga)

Capricorn (カプリコン) is a five-volume manga series by Johji Manabe. It was later adapted into an anime OVA and released on April 5, 1991 by Aubec.[1]

Written byJohji Manabe
Published byShinshokan
Original run19881990
Original video animation
Directed byTakashi Imanishi
Written byJohji Manabe
Takashi Imanishi
Licensed by
ReleasedApril 5, 1991
Runtime45 minutes
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The story mostly takes place on an Earthlike world, an other-dimensional planet from which the Earth (the "Capricorn" of the title) can occasionally be glimpsed in the sky. The planet's inhabitants, ruled by a decadent king, are almost all intelligent, anthropomorphic animals; one exception is the human-looking Mona, a young and adventurous woman. Mona's scholarly friend, an elderly anthropomorphic mouse, becomes caught up in a conspiracy to replace the monarchy with a military dictatorship. Against this backdrop, two young Japanese suddenly materialise on the planet: the high-school student Taku Shimamura and his sister Tamaki.


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