Capricorn (Mike Tramp album)

Capricorn is the debut solo album by former White Lion and Freak of Nature lead singer, Mike Tramp.[1]

Capricorn (Mike Tramp album).jpg
Studio album by
ReleasedFebruary 10, 1998
GenreHard rock, Melodic rock
LabelCNR Music
ProducerMike Tramp
Mike Tramp chronology
Recovering the Wasted Years

Tramp started working on the album following the split of Freak of Nature and the album features former Freak of Nature bandmates, guitarist Kenny Korade and bass player Jerry Best.[2] Former White Lion bass guitarist James LoMenzo performed backing vocals on the album.[3]


First released in France on the CNR Music label in November 1997,[4] the album was subsequently given a much wider distribution with the North American release on the 10th of February 1998 through CMC International, at which point Tramp commenced a solo tour in support of it. The album was also picked up in Britain by Music for Nations.

The song "Better Off" was released as Tramp's debut solo single[5] and features his first solo music video."Already Gone" was also released as a single for the album[6] and "If I Live Tomorrow" was released as a promo single.[7] "Take a Little Time" was released as an EP/Single titled "Leftovers" which included "Fears of Yesterday" and "Just a Dream" as B-sides.[8]

It would be five years before Tramp returned to the studio to record his follow-up album, Recovering the Wasted Years, during which time he would move to Australia, with the aim of raising his son away from the rigors of big city life and to plan his next career move.[9]

Track listingEdit

1."Already Gone"3:49
2."If I Live Tomorrow"3:36
3."Here I Don't Belong"4:48
4."Heart of Every Woman"4:18
5."Have You Ever"4:17
6."Better Off"3:52
7."Had I Not Complained"4:15
8."Running Out of Life"3:04
9."Wait Not for Me"4:57
10."Love Will Come and Go"4:21
11."Take a Little Time"5:07
12."Fears of Yesterday"4:17
13."Ain't Ready to Let You Go"5:12
14."Just a Dream"4:47



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