Capriccio (record label)

Capriccio is a formerly German, now Austrian, classical music record label.

Parent companyNaxos
Genreclassical music
Country of originAustria

The original Capriccio label was founded in the 1980s and was until 2010 part of Delta-Music GmbH[1] a German record company located in Großkönigsdorf, Frechen near Cologne, which was founded in 1970 by Philippe Sautot and Jürgen Moll.[2]

Following the bankruptcy of the Delta Music GMBH, the artistic director of Capriccio, Johannes Kernmayer, decided to carry on with several ongoing, but unfunded, recording projects from the profitable classical section of Delta as "Phoenix Edition."[3] The releases on Phoenix Edition were commercially successful and enabled Kernmayer to rescue the classical back-catalogue of Capriccio and reestablish the Capriccio label as a new independent company in Vienna. Capriccio was acquired by Naxos.[4]



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