Cape Gray, Greenland

Cape Gray (Danish: Kap Gray) is a headland in North Greenland. Administratively it is part of the Northeast Greenland National Park.

Cape Gray
Kap Gray
Map showing the location of Cape Gray
Map showing the location of Cape Gray
LocationNorth Greenland
Coordinates82°13′N 51°49′W / 82.217°N 51.817°W / 82.217; -51.817Coordinates: 82°13′N 51°49′W / 82.217°N 51.817°W / 82.217; -51.817
Offshore water bodiesSherard Osborn Fjord
Lincoln Sea


Cape Gray is located at the southern end of Castle Island, near the mouth of the Sherard Osborn Fjord opposite the eastern shore of Hendrik Island.[1]

Pointing towards the inner fjord, it is one of the two capes of the island, together with the northernmost headland, Cape Cleveland.[2]

Map of the Nares Strait area.

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