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Cape Aya ("the holy one" in Greek, Άγια) is a rocky promontory jutting out into the Black Sea southeast of Balaklava. This 13-km-long offspur of the Crimean Mountains separates Laspi Bay (to the east) from Balaklava Bay (to the west).

Cape Aya
Мис Айя
Aya (promontory).jpg
Cape Aya
Map showing the location of Cape Aya
Map showing the location of Cape Aya
Location in Sevastopol
LocationSevastopol,  Ukraine (annexed by Russia)
Coordinates44°25′44″N 33°38′56″E / 44.42889°N 33.64889°E / 44.42889; 33.64889Coordinates: 44°25′44″N 33°38′56″E / 44.42889°N 33.64889°E / 44.42889; 33.64889

The highest point, Kokiya-Kiya (literally "Blue Cliff") is 559 m (1,834 ft). The headland is full of grottoes; it is protected as a national zakaznik.[1]

A storm off Cape Aya is the subject of one of Aivazovsky's paintings. A Soviet guided missile system was located on Cape Aya.

Viktor Yanukovych, the former President of Ukraine, ordered the construction of a luxurious private residence on Cape Aya. The "New Mezhyhyria" was still unfinished when the 2014 Ukrainian Revolution ousted Yanukovych from his post.[2]


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