Canton Electronics

Canton Electronics is a German loudspeaker manufacturer, known for producing high-end loudspeakers.[1]

Canton Electronics


Canton was founded in October 1972 by Hubert Milbers (Management), Otfried Sandig (Marketing, Sales), Wolfgang Seikritt (Development) and Günther Seitz (Technology). The company released their first bookshelf speakers that year. The company headquarters are located in Weilrod, Germany.


  1. ^ The Absolute Sound. Absolute Sound, Limited. 2004. p. 48. Retrieved February 11, 2018. ... Canton Electronics is the largest manufacturer of speakers in Germany and its best-selling brand. The Ergo 702 DC is the smallest floorstander in the lineup but suitably scaled for small to medium-sized rooms. The updated Ergo line features touches from Canton's more expensive Karat series, including an aluminum-manganese tweeter with a diaphragm and former fabricated in a single piece to reduce resonances and improve heat dissipation. Improved crossover networks use ...

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