Canon V-20

The Canon V-20 was a MSX microcomputer made by the Japanese corporation Canon. It had an innovative digital camera interface (T-90/DMB-90) to use with the Canon T90.[1]

Canon V-20
Canon V-20 MSX computer.jpg
Typehome computer
Release date1983
Operating systemMSX BASIC
CPUNEC 780C @ 3.25 MHz
Memory64 KB

Canon V-10Edit

The V-10 was quite identical to the V-20, except that it had less RAM memory (just 16 KB) and a white case.[2]

Technical specificationsEdit

CPU Zilog Z80A @ 3.25 MHz
VRAM 16 KB (TMS9918)
Keyboard mechanic, 73 keys (with 4 cursor keys)
Display text: 40×24 rows; graphics: 256×192 pixels, 16 colours, 32 sprites
Sound General Instrument AY-3-8910 (PSG), 3 voices, white noise
Ports 2 joystick connectors, TV out, sound out, tape recorder connector, parallel port, 2 cartridge slots
Storage tape recorder (2400 bps) or one or two external 3+12 in (89 mm) disk drive Canon VF-100 (720 KB)


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