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Canoeing at the 2016 Summer Olympics – Men's C-1 1000 metres

The men's canoe sprint C-1 1000 metres at the 2016 Olympic Games in Rio de Janeiro took place between 15 and 16 August at Lagoa Stadium.[1] The medals were presented by Tony Estanguet, IOC member, France and István Vaskuti, First Vice President of the ICF.

Men's canoe sprint C-1 1000 metres
at the Games of the XXXI Olympiad
Canoeing (flatwater) pictogram.svg
VenueLagoa Stadium
Date15–16 August 2016
Competitors19 from 19 nations
Winning time3:56.926
1st, gold medalist(s) Sebastian Brendel  Germany
2nd, silver medalist(s) Isaquias Queiroz  Brazil
3rd, bronze medalist(s) Ilia Shtokalov  Russia
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Competition formatEdit

The competition comprised heats, semifinals, and a final round. The top boats from each heat advances to the "A" final, and the remaining boats advance to the semifinals. The top two boats in each semifinal and the next overall best boat advanced to the "A" final, and competed for medals. A placing "B" final was held for the other semifinalists.


All times are Brasilia Time (UTC-03:00)

Date Time Round
Monday, 15 August 2016 8:00
Tuesday, 16 August 2016 9:00 Finals



First boat progresses to A final and the remaining boats are qualified for the semifinals.

Heat 1Edit

Rank Canoer Country Time Notes
1 Sebastian Brendel   Germany 3:58.044 FA
2 Tomasz Kaczor   Poland 3:59.928 SF
3 Henrik Vasbányai   Hungary 4:01.953 SF
4 Dagnis Iljins   Latvia 4:11.766 SF
5 Vincent Farkas   Slovakia 4:12.295 SF
6 Martin Marinov   Australia 4:33.166 SF
7 Mussa Chamaune   Mozambique 5:00.454 SF

Heat 2Edit

Rank Canoer Country Time Notes
1 Isaquias Queiroz   Brazil 3:59.615 FA
2 Martin Fuksa   Czech Republic 4:01.492 SF
3 Ilia Shtokalov   Russia 4:02.626 SF
4 Carlo Tacchini   Italy 4:04.697 SF
5 Adrien Bart   France 4:10.043 SF
6 Buly Da Conceição Triste   São Tomé and Príncipe 4:54.516 SF

Heat 3Edit

Rank Canoer Country Time Notes
1 Serghei Tarnovschi   Moldova 4:05.193 FA
2 Gerasim Kochnev   Uzbekistan 4:08.127 SF
3 Mark Oldershaw   Canada 4:13.600 SF
4 Pavlo Altukhov   Ukraine 4:19.361 SF
5 Angel Kodinov   Bulgaria 4:27.904 SF
6 Timur Khaidarov   Kazakhstan 5:30.030 SF


The fastest two canoeists in each semifinal, and the overall next best time qualify for the 'A' final. The next four canoeists in each semifinal qualify for the 'B' final.

Semifinal 1Edit

Rank Canoer Country Time Notes
1 Ilia Shtokalov   Russia 3:58.259 FA
2 Pavlo Altukhov   Ukraine 3:58.574 FA
3 Gerasim Kochnev   Uzbekistan 3:59.489 FA
4 Tomasz Kaczor   Poland 3:59.836 FB
5 Adrien Bart   France 4:08.593 FB
6 Dagnis Iljins   Latvia 4:20.181 FB
7 Martin Marinov   Australia 4:24.723 FB
8 Timur Khaidarov   Kazakhstan 5:33.919

Semifinal 2Edit

Rank Canoer Country Time Notes
1 Martin Fuksa   Czech Republic 4:01.793 FA
2 Carlo Tacchini   Italy 4:02.461 FA
3 Henrik Vasbányai   Hungary 4:03.113 FB
4 Mark Oldershaw   Canada 4:03.493 FB
5 Vincent Farkas   Slovakia 4:19.084 FB
6 Angel Kodinov   Bulgaria 4:30.574 FB
7 Buly Da Conceição Triste   São Tomé and Príncipe 4:46.396
8 Mussa Chamaune   Mozambique 5:07.281


Final BEdit

Rank Canoer Country Time
1 Tomasz Kaczor   Poland 3:59.350
2 Adrien Bart   France 4:00.911
3 Vincent Farkas   Slovakia 4:04.013
4 Mark Oldershaw   Canada 4:06.972
5 Dagnis Iljins   Latvia 4:10.084
6 Angel Kodinov   Bulgaria 4:10.102
7 Martin Marinov   Australia 4:15.524
Henrik Vasbányai   Hungary DSQ

Final AEdit

Rank Canoer Country Time
  Sebastian Brendel   Germany 3:56.926
  Isaquias Queiroz   Brazil 3:58.529
  Ilia Shtokalov   Russia 4:00.963
5 Pavlo Altukhov   Ukraine 4:01.587
6 Martin Fuksa   Czech Republic 4:03.322
7 Gerasim Kochnev   Uzbekistan 4:04.205
8 Carlo Tacchini   Italy 4:15.368
Serghei Tarnovschi   Moldova 4:00.852 (DSQ)*
  • Serghei Tarnovschi finished third, but was suspended and stripped of his bronze medal due to a failed doping test.[2][3]


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