Canoeing at the 1968 Summer Olympics – Men's C-1 1000 metres

The men's C-1 1000 metres event was an open-style, individual canoeing event conducted as part of the Canoeing at the 1968 Summer Olympics program. Heat times were given in tenths of a second (0.1) while the semifinal and final events were given in hundredths of a second (0.01) in the official report.


  Gold   Silver   Bronze
  Tibor Tatai (HUN)   Detlef Lewe (FRG)   Vitaly Galkov (URS)



Twelve competitors were entered, but eleven took part. Held on October 22, the top three in each heat move on to final with the others relegated to the semifinal.

Heat 1
1.   Ivan Patzaichin (ROU) 4:28.3 QF
2.   Ove Emanuelsson (SWE) 4:32.4 QF
3.   Christopher Hook (CAN) 4:34.9 QF
4.   Vitaly Galkov (URS) 4:35.4 QS
5.   Boris Lyubenov (BUL) 4:36.2 QS
6.   Félipe Ojeda (MEX) 4:47.3 QS
Heat 2
1.   Detlef Lewe (FRG) 4:24.5 QF
2.   Tibor Tatai (HUN) 4:25.5 QF
3.   Jiří Čtvrtečka (TCH) 4:28.3 QF
4.   Andreas Weigand (USA) 4:30.0 QS
5.   Tetsumasa Yamaguchi (JPN) 4:33.3 QS
-   Jürgen Harpke (GDR) Did not start

In the official report, Emanuelsson's first name is listed as Sten.


Only the five canoeists who did not advance from the first round competed in the semifinal. Taking place on October 24, the top three finishers advanced to the final.

1.   Vitaly Galkov (URS) 4:34.17 QF
2.   Boris Lyubenov (BUL) 4:35.82 QF
3.   Andreas Weigand (USA) 4:37.11 QF
4.   Félipe Ojeda (MEX) 4:43.20
5.   Tetsumasa Yamaguchi (JPN) 4:54.61


The final took place on October 25.

    Tibor Tatai (HUN) 4:36.14
    Detlef Lewe (FRG) 4:38.31
    Vitaly Galkov (URS) 4:40.42
4.   Jiří Čtvrtečka (TCH) 4:40.74
5.   Boris Lyubenov (BUL) 4:43.43
6.   Ove Emanuelsson (SWE) 4:45.80
7.   Ivan Patzaichin (ROU) 4:49.32
8.   Andreas Weigand (USA) 4:50.42
9.   Christopher Hook (CAN) 4:55.88

Tatai qualified as a reserve for the Hungarian team, but won decisively after driving the other finalists to exhaustion.