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Canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics – Men's C-2 1000 metres

These are the results of the men's C-2 1000 metres competition in canoeing at the 1952 Summer Olympics. The C-2 event is raced by two-man sprint canoes. Because there were eleven teams in this event, heats were introduced. Both the heats and final took place on July 28.




The 11 teams first raced in two heats. The top four teams in each heat advanced directly to the final.

Heat 1

Rank Athletes Time Notes
1   Bent Peder Rasch and Finn Haunstoft (DEN) 4:32.9 QF
2   Jan Brzák-Felix and Bohumil Kudrna (TCH) 4:43.9 QF
3   Arthur Johnson and Thomas Hodgson (CAN) 4:44.9 QF
4   István Bodor and József Tuza (HUN) 4:51.5 QF
5   Tuomo Tuormaa and Matti Havulinna (FIN) 4:54.0
6   Aleksandr Krasavin and Sergey Chumakov (URS) 4:54.9

Heat 2

Rank Athletes Time Notes
1   Georges Dransart and Armand Loreau (FRA) 4:38.8 QF
2   Kurt Liebhart and Engelbert Lulla (AUT) 4:40.2 QF
3   John Haas and Frank Krick (USA) 4:43.3 QF
4   Egon Drews and Wilfried Soltau (GER) 4:48.4 QF
5   Rune Blomqvist and Harry Lindbäck (SWE) 4:50.2


Rank Athletes Time
    Bent Peder Rasch and Finn Haunstoft (DEN) 4:38.3
    Jan Brzák-Felix and Bohumil Kudrna (TCH) 4:42.9
    Egon Drews and Wilfried Soltau (GER) 4:48.3
4   Georges Dransart and Armand Loreau (FRA) 4:48.6
5   István Bodor and József Tuza (HUN) 4:51.9
6   Kurt Liebhart and Engelbert Lulla (AUT) 4:55.8
7   John Haas and Frank Krick (USA) 4:59.0
8   Arthur Johnson and Thomas Hodgson (CAN) 5:01.4