Canik Başarı University

Canik Başarı University (Turkish: Canik Başarı Üniversitesi), başarı meaning "success", was a private university in Canik, a district of Samsun, Turkey.

Canik Başarı University
Canik Başarı Üniversitesi
TypePrivate university
Active2012 (2012)–23 July 2016 (2016-07-23)
Location, ,
41°13′57″N 36°22′15″E / 41.23250°N 36.37083°E / 41.23250; 36.37083 Edit this at Wikidata

Established in 2012 and directed by a foundation ("Vakıf" in Turkish), it constituted the first private university in Samsun Province,[1][2] The university was one out of fifteen private universities that were closed by the Turkish government in the course of the 2016 Turkish purges following the 15 July failed coup attempt.[3]



Undergraduate: Teaching Turkish, Counseling psychology, Molecular Biology and Genetics, Management, International Trade and Management, Building Engineering, Architecture

Masters: MBA, Health Administration, Education Management Planning and Economics


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