Canelles Reservoir

Canelles Reservoir is a reservoir in the Pre-Pyrenees area in Spain. It is located in the Noguera Ribagorzana river bordering the province of Huesca, Aragon and the province of Lleida, Catalonia.[1] It was built by the Spanish power utility ENHER.

Canelles Reservoir
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View of the reservoir
Canelles Reservoir is located in Spain
Canelles Reservoir
Location of the Canelles Reservoir
LocationLleida Province and Huesca Province
Coordinates41°58′43″N 0°36′44″E / 41.97861°N 0.61222°E / 41.97861; 0.61222Coordinates: 41°58′43″N 0°36′44″E / 41.97861°N 0.61222°E / 41.97861; 0.61222
Opening date1960
Dam and spillways
Type of damGravity dam
ImpoundsNoguera Ribagorzana
Height150 m
Length210 m
Width (base)80 m
Total capacity687.5 hm³
Catchment area182 km²
Surface area1569 ha
Power Station
Installed capacity108 MW

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