Canción de Juventud (Song of Youth) is a 1962 Spanish language musical directed by Luis Lucia comedy film starring Rocío Dúrcal, also stars Helga Liné & Carlos Estrada.

Canción de Juventud
Soundtrack album by
Released1962 (1962)
LabelPhilips-Phonogram (España)
Rocío Dúrcal chronology
Las Películas De Rocío Dúrcal
Canción de Juventud
Rocío de la Mancha

Plot edit

Rocio is an orphan girl who is in a finishing school. She has fun teasing the boys from the neighboring school as she tries to fix a church. They found out the needed a large amount of money and the children decide to put on a talent show. Rocio is sad that her father won't come to the talent show, as he left her 5 years ago, so her friends try to reunite father & daughter for the talent show.

Track list edit

  1. "Volver a verte"
  2. "La niña buena"
  3. "La reunión"
  4. "La luna se ha vuelto loca"
  5. "Canción de juventud"
  6. "Quisiera ser un ángel"
  7. "Paraba papá"
  8. "La hormiguita"

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